Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment

CCI’s Advisory Services help you safeguard your network infrastructure, ensure uptime, identify issues, plan for corrective actions, and prioritize resources.

With our Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) service, our cybersecurity experts will uncover deficiencies in the existing environment and identify opportunities to better implement detective, preventative, and corrective access controls.

The assessment is vendor agnostic; it is not limited to the evaluation of any specific vendor equipment.

During the discovery phase of the assessment, our team uses industry leading tools to:
1.  Detect code level vulnerabilities in OS, application, and database code; detect EoL/EoS devices
2.  Detect device configurations that do not align with either industry best practices or vendor recommendations
3.  Detect suspicious, malicious, or non-business-related traffic traversing the network

The collected data is then analyzed, ranked, and summarized within your customized Cybersecurity Action Plan (CAP) report. The CAP report will provide you time-based recommendations to minimize vulnerabilities, optimize countermeasures, and build sustainable policies that support the continuity of your business.