RF & Fiber Audits

Know the details to make better decisions

Network audits from CCI systems yield hyper-accurate documentation, supporting better operating decisions for better performance. We have the field experience and technology to verify every detail.

  • Ensure construction meets your specs and standards
  • Know complete routes and usage to optimize use and minimize outages
  • Make informed strategic decisions to maximize profits


Every documentation service you need is here

Know exactly where your network stands with CCI services.

  • Field mapping builds on a complete system walk-out to create an up-to-date view of system assets.
  • Pole loading, GPS data collection and permitting support decisions to expand or enhance your network.
  • Desktop surveys can be delivered in hours for a fast, low-cost overview.
  • GIS mapping and documentation delivers versatile interactive data for advanced RF troubleshooting, improved mean time to repair, greater customer satisfaction and increased profits.