Customer Stories


Remote PHY Offers More Operator Opportunity

Remote PHY, recently launched in North America by CCI Systems and Cisco, allows operators to offer new services to areas they may not have been able to serve in the past, helping to combat the growth and competitive challenges operators currently face.

Real-time Network Insight with NEAT

CCI’s Network Engineering Assessment Tool (NEAT) application gives service providers, property owners, and educational institutions insight into real-time network and device performance through an online monitoring as a service (MaaS) application. Improve property ratings, increase user satisfaction, and quickly resolve Wi-Fi issues with NEAT.

Improve Satisfaction, Ratings, and Performance with NEAT

CCI’s Networking Engineering Assessment Tool (NEAT), a cloud-based application, offers customized reporting and features compatible with any device, giving insight into real-time network and device performance.

Small Town Roots

CCI, based out of Iron Mountain in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, has been headquartered in the same “small town” community for over 60 years.

CCI Cares: NSG Community Volunteer Experience

CCI’s NSG team gives back to the community through an afternoon volunteer experience.

A Glimpse into CCI’s Fiber Splicing Ability

CCI’s fiber splicers are some of the most experienced in the business. Having spliced fiber in all lower 48 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico, the team at CCI has over 30 years of experience doing what we love.

Understanding the Value of Partnership

Arvig’s Director of Information Technology, Shaun Carlson, explains the benefit they experience through their partnership with CCI Systems.

Network Security Starts with CCI

Chances are your network is not fully protected against the sophisticated cyber security attacks happening every day. If you’re not protected – your subscribers aren’t protected. CCI has partnered with Cisco and Arbor to develop a solution that gives service providers peace of mind knowing your and your customer’s data is protected.



Leveraging Wi-Fi in Your Footprint

As data demand on mobile devices increases, so does the need for Wi-Fi networks. Building a Wi-Fi network is much lower cost than deploying fiber and offers the opportunity to increase revenue streams and expand coverage footprints.


Enhancing Success with our Cisco Partners

Cisco trusts CCI. As a partner, CCI takes primary responsibility for driving communication with service provider networks. Over our 10+ year relationship, customers have benefited from high-tech network solutions, backed by a high-touch, partnered approach keeping them ahead of the curve and competition.

CCI Cable Heritage: Ability, Knowledge and Expertise

CCI has over 60 years of ability and expertise to provide Tier 1-4 service providers across the network solutions, aimed at positioning for success, today, and into the future.


CCI Leads Service Provider Wi-Fi

CCI remains at the forefront of delivering WiFi solutions to service providers throughout the country.

Partnering with local telephone company, West River, and communications giant, Cisco, CCI was the first to deliver public WiFi at the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


Inside CCI

Staying connected with technology, present and future, is what CCI does best. Our experts have over 60 years of providing across the network solutions to services providers by listening to their challenges and developing solutions to fit their needs, both today and into the future.

Meet John Jamar

It’s not just a job for CCI CEO, John Jamar. He’s doing what he loves and helping to make the lives of employees and customers he works with better each day. Find out John Jamar’s “why”.

Meet Our Engineers

Fiber-to-the-Home Construction & Technical Field Services

CCI’s Technical Field Services provide some of the best fiber splicing in the country. Service Providers across the US rely on CCI for precision and accuracy to ensure you’re able to deliver the bandwidth and speeds your customers demand.