Customer Stories


“Again, CCI saves me from serious brain damage associated with having to deal with my SMARTnet issue!!!”
Nick Colton - ALLO Communications

“Ellie did a great job with project management, I think we would have gotten off track if CCI was not there to help us meet deadlines. Fiber Characterization went pretty smooth and showed us problems that needed to be fixed to support DWDM.”
Don Hickey - Oneida Telephone Exchange

“CCI has demonstrated a willingness and desire to help us and make themselves available for support.”
Jared Carson - Highland Telephone Cooperative TN

“Please share with your team that so far this year they have far exceeded my expectations on both SmartNet and on our ordering process. Your team continues to help out when we need it and the response time from your team has been great. We greatly appreciate the relationship that we are forming with you and your team.”
Rick Brooks, Network Transmission Engineer - Nsight

“We appreciate a long running (years) team that gives accurate advice, and the best price. Joseph Showalter, East Kentucky Networks I appreciate the ease of doing business and the professional sales team in which I was able to work with. ”
Joe Lasley - Brandenburg Telephone

“CCI is very responsive and easy to work with. ”
Gary Fischer - SDN Communications, LLC

“Overall we are very happy with CCI and their employees. We value vendors that partner for our success and CCI hands down achieved that.”
Derrick Mottern - Nemont

“My organization has been working with CCI since our first HSIA installation with them over 10 years ago. If I had my way, we would have CCI installing and supporting HSIA at each and every one of our owned and managed properties. They understand the needs of our guests, the needs of our properties and the needs of the management company. It has truly been a win-win relationship. CCI is one of the only vendors I have recommended consistently over the past ten years. We may have started our relationship with them over 10 years ago, but they never forgot that in this business you need to earn the business each and every year, with each engagement, with each support call. CCI and their support center have truly been a valued partner with us over the past 10 years—a rarity in any IT relationship and almost unheard of in HSIA support.”
Steve Dettman, Information Technology Director - Raymond Management Company

“CCI Systems has been very easy to work with, supportive and has provided great solutions. ”
Dennis Payne - Citizens Telephone Company (CTC)

“Brandon [Shepherd] and the CCI team are great and very knowledgeable. ”
Greg Barton - Emery Telephone

“Great technical expertise and honest assessment of the situation. I feel CCI is more of a member of our team rather than just a vendor.”
Allan Zinkula - ImOn Communications

“CCI was responsive to my technical questions and kept me well informed through the order process.”
Craig Heidgerken - Western Independent Network (WIN)

“Very responsive to support related issues. ”
Tom Perrone - Netspeed Communications

“The entire CCI restoration and assessment/QC compliance teams did an outstanding job and Cablevision could not have restored without you folks and your efforts. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional group, your ability to get the job completed was outstanding.”
Andy Skop, Director – HFC CT/WT, Director - Performance Planning, Cable & Communications-Network Management

“CCI has always exceeded expectations when it comes to delivering quotes, orders, licensing, or anything else we need. I have dealt with many vendors in this industry, and CCi is far superior to other vendors.”
Joey Willis - Ritter Communications

“Many thanks for all your hard work and extraordinary commitment for a thorough job well done. Your strong efforts made CNX shine today.”
Terry J. Holmes, VP, Network Solutions - Connected Nation Exchange (CNX)

“I have been impressed by the entire CCI team who has been helping us thru a difficult set of circumstances recently. Their eagerness to help coupled with the abilities and expertise they have are a refreshing combination that I am not used to seeing. They have been professional, yet personal. Simply a pleasure to work with. I get the impression that they not only want our business but that they want us to be successful, profitable, and feel confident in our operations and the support that they provide.”
Jared Carson - Highland Telephone Cooperative TN

“Great communication and always there to help with any questions I ever have.”
Michael Rasmussen - Americable International, Inc.

“CCI's Managed Services support has been invaluable to Packerland Broadband as we continue to grow and expand. The resources that are made available to us on a 24x7x365 basis have enabled us, as a provider, to expand our technical horizons and support Service Level Agreements (SLAs) much higher than we would be able to on our own. The value of knowing your network is being monitored and supported by skilled engineering staff all year-round is quite simply incalculable; not to mention such skilled staff are in short supply (and quite expensive to hire yourself). Increased SLA offerings, overall cost savings and a better customer experience make CCI's Managed Services a win-win for any service provider.”
Richard J Rugg, Sr. Systems Engineer - Packerland Broadband

“Fantastic job Kathryn. We truly appreciate your efforts. You are one of the many reasons why CCI continues to prove to be our leading partner. Thank you!!”
Rhett Francis, Regional Manager TCS Central - Cisco

“I wanted to let you know your team did a great job building this path and pulling the fiber. Not only did they tackle the job with alacrity but they solved problems in the field creatively.”
Bill Lean, Project Manager- Summit Broadband

“I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what a great effort your group put forth on the Contemporary issue. We had WiFi/Timelox modems continually following off-line the latter part of last week. Your team, headed by Aaron, cancelled their personal plans and stayed thru the weekend to help solve our issue. They worked 11 to 12 hour days every day until the issue was resolved. We appreciate your team jumping in and “owning the issue”. Again, thanks to Aaron, William and Kevin.”
Jerry Carr, Manager- Technical Services & Property Management, Contemporary

“Thank you and your team for the professional work and help that you provided on this project.”
Pat Cammann, Network Equipment Sales - Syringa Networks

“On behalf of WCTG and 702 Communications, I would like to extend our thanks regarding the construction and turn up of our most recent project. CCI and your team should be commended for an outstanding job. They took total control of all aspects of this project from the beginning to the end. The team that you put together to handle this project showed the utmost in professionalism. In the future, it will be our pleasure to do business with CCI.”
Mike Day, Operations Manager - 702 Communications

“CCI was helpful and knowledgeable. Quick with answers to questions. ”
John Kennedy - Blue Ridge Communications

“I have been in the Engineering and planning department with Shentel Service Company for the last 9 years and am currently responsible for network planning at Shentel. For at least the last 6 years, we (Shentel) have used CCI as our “go to” partner for Cisco ONS optical network deployment. Shentel has, at this time, a large scale (over 50 nodes) deployment of Cisco ONS15454 optical and Sonet platforms covering regions from Charleston WV, to Hagerstown, MD, to Ashburn, VA to Petersburg, Lebanon, Wytheville, and Rocky Mount, VA. We have just deployed, (with CCI assistance) a 100gb optical circuit in a portion of or optical network. Our service offerings range from Docsis, DSL, and EPON residential services to OTN, Sonet, MPLS, and up to 100gb Ethernet commercial and government services. We provide PCS tower backhaul for a number of wireless providers and are one of two remaining Sprint PCS affiliates. CCI has been our primary contractor and optical networking partner since the inception of our Cisco ONS 15454 network and has been involved in every major network augmentation or service roll-out since then including the above mentioned 100gb deployment. CCI has provided design, engineering, installation, turn-up and other consulting services and is out primary source for Cisco Routers, Sonet, and Optical transport equipment. We (Shentel) have been more than happy with all aspects of the partnership with CCI. Everyone top to bottom who I have worked with at CCI has a “can do” attitude, and whether you are talking about the logistics of getting equipment to a site in time to keep a project on schedule, providing design assistance, installing equipment, or providing engineering for new service deployments, CCI is top notch. CCI sales, design, and field engineers all display a thorough knowledge of the entire Cisco product line – from CMTS platforms, to DWDM/ROADM optical equipment, to routers and switches. CCI field installers are meticulous enough to satisfy the pickiest of CO managers – all installations performed for us to date have been very neat, with cables properly dressed and “laced” when required. The CCI engineers that we work with have learned our network thoroughly and are always happy to provide assistance in a pinch. CCI engineers work integrally with Cisco and Shentel engineers to resolve network issues quickly and usually painlessly. For all new Shentel network node installations, CCI provides advance design services, equipment sales, logistics services, and installation and turn-up services. For field installations, CCI provides design and cut-over documentation, MOPS, and project management services. From my perspective, CCI is our one stop shop for all of our Optical Networking needs. I would be happy to discuss Shentel’s relationship with CCI with anyone interested and would strongly recommend CCI as an integration partner for anyone contemplating deployment of Cisco Optical network equipment. ”
Gene Jeffers, Sr Network Engineer II - Shenandoah Telecommunications Company

“Clearview specializes in providing video and data to the Hospitality industry. We provide sales installation and onsite support for the various products that we provide to this vertical industry. Hotels and resorts are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and require the provider that can provide their guest technical support throughout the evening 24/7/365. It is important to Clearview that we have a call center partner who can support our customers in a reliable and professional manner. Clearview turned to CCI Systems Inc. about 6 years ago to provide our customers with Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support. We have never waived on our decision to partner with CCI Systems due to the fact that they have always come through in providing superior support. Their staff is well trained, their tools are state of the art and their overall attitude towards Clearview and our customers is superb. CCI treats our customers the way that we would like our customers treated.”
John Sullivan, President - Clearview Networks

“To the CCI Team, this site was Sprint approved for 594 Temporary Acceptance, actualized & on-air on 07-31-13. We at OCI wanted to let your team know that you all did a great job on this site and we hope to see many more sites like this from you in the future. Excellent work!”
Nick Wornson, Quality Control Coordinator - Overland Contracting, Inc.

“CCI was a great company to work with. Their technicians were very knowledgeable and customer friendly.”
Daniel Amorim - BRC

“Uly was great to work with as always, really appreciate all his help on this project. Look forward to working with you and your team on future projects.”
Nick Colton - ALLO Communications

“CCI was fully engaged and exceeded my expectations. I knew they were knowledgeable and capable, but their communication was top notch as was the willingness to partner with our company to achieve an alternate solution when parameters/SOW changed slightly mid-project. The urgency of the project on our customer's end created the need for a timely reassessment of available solutions and expedited timeline to receive required inventory. CCI delivered on all counts. ”
Dan Murray - Unite Private Networks

“We are now six weeks past our go-live and all is well. I can truly say that CCI delivered on their proposal with flying colors. Thanks for a professional job well done.”
Steven S. Mann, Associate Director, Network Services - California State University, Monterey Bay

“I've already said this directly to your CEO, but Tyler Tappy is worth his weight in Platinum.”
Gene Jeffers - Shentel

“As a new entrant into the cable modem space, we needed a lot of help from CCI to get our system operational. While many people assisted, one that stands out is Kent. Not only did he go above and beyond to help us diagnose issues with our plant, but even helped educate us on how we can make our service better. And to top it off, when we had trouble during the final turn-up, we made a call and he was on a plane that afternoon to come and assist until all issues were resolved. His devotion and sacrifice are a testament to his character, and one of the reasons we will continue to partner with CCI with our video needs.”
Kevin McGuire, CTO - ETC

“From a channels perspective CCI's team has a commitment to excellence that is un-parralled in the TCS market. From an order processing perspective no one is better. I was on a webex with Cindy Mohr- Hanson as it is now…as she worked through the NPH issue on GPC SAN order Friday night at 7pm to ensure it was entered correctly. I've had numerous late evening/weekend emails and calls from Kat clarifying deals and ensuring I'm getting her what she needs to clear orders. She is spectacular at managing the quoting and ordering process, and great to work with.”
Todd Willenborg - Cisco

“Kudos to everyone on the CCI team. Again, though outages are never a pleasure...this was once again a proactive response and communication model from the FCP perspective coming from the CCI team which made this a pleasure to work on with you.”
Chris Luter, Director of IT - Forest County Potawatomi Community

“Was great to work with CCI. The additional training that came with the install was a great addition to just installing.”
Evan Thackrey - Wabash Independent Network

“I’m very happy with this configuration and discounting. I’m also happy we were able to match our networking configurations. This will be important as we migrate to the production installation.”
J. Marc Edwards, CTO - Silicon Cloud

“Lori Bennett never forgets that you are the customer. Very pleasant to work with. She consistently provides up-to-date information on orders and deliveries. Lori saves me time.”
Jean Thistle-Bond - Fairpoint Communications

“[…] I've worked closely with several your employees and have been thoroughly impressed with their performance and knowledge. Particularly a Chandra Stratton, Julie Wheatley, Tyler Tappy, Bill Peters, and a Jackie Fortier.”
Steve Hill - PenTeleData

“I felt compelled to pass along some great feedback on CCI and specifically Kat. She has and is doing an outstanding job partnering with us. She has excellent understanding of what it takes to orchestrate and process deals, book orders, and solve the post-sale aftermath.”
Todd Willenborg - Cisco

“CCI came through for us over this last budget year. The company is showing that our business is important to them and helping us become "future proof" as technology keeps moving forward.”
Tim Smith - Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC)

“I would like to let you know that Casey and Lyndon have been great to work with. They have been willing to do whatever it took to get these CMTS's installed and powered up and complete this part of the job. It has been a pleasure to have them here. We look forward to getting everything turned up and working first of next year. Thanks and I hope everyone has a great Holiday.”
Jeff Bowers, Operations - Windstream

“Three of our properties are in the Top 10 in their brands for guest Internet satisfaction. CCI supports all three. They are knowledgeable, courteous and affordable. Our properties and our guests win with CCI.”
Doug Kinney, Director of Technology -The North Central Group

“Thank you so much for your timely responses on all our map requests. You guys are great! I wish all companies were as easy to work with as you!”
Greg Brown, Office Manager - MSL Engineering, Inc.

“We receive excellent customer service from Julie W. She kept us informed on the status of our orders, provided shipment and tracking information without being asked. Our first-time experience working with CCI Systems and Julie was perfect. ”
Loren Nilles - TelAlaska Inc.

“I want to personally thank you for your work, efforts, support and willingness. Along the entire installation, CCI was eager to provide information and service, make changes as necessary and quickly resolve minor issues. In particular, Peter and Clint, your on site leads, were responsive and professional even in the face of some light hearted abuse. As more opportunities in both Wi-Fi and DAS arise in 2013 I hope to work with your crews again. Once more, thanks for your help, happy holidays and here’s to a busy 2013.”
Maurice J. Drew, Construction Manager - American Tower Corporation

“[…] I am glad to work with your team members Roy Mara and Kris Walker. They are assets to your enterprise, and I am honored to be able to bring them, along with CCI world-class support team, with me as we build out our future network together.”
Greg Schuett - Unwired Broadband

“CCI cares about its customers and provides a high level of service. They also go out of their way to ensure the customer is taken care of.”
Shane Heupel - Twin Lakes Telephone

“Terry Priddy has provided the best customer service I have received ever in the 15 years I have been working in cable systems. She kept me informed every step of the way via phone and email, even calling me just to make sure everything arrived fine and I was satisfied with my order and service. I know I am a small customer, but Terry treated me as though I was a VIP. Because of her service I will continue ordering through CCI.”
Jeremy Short - Northside TV Corp

“It is a testament to my faith in you folks that I give the nasty, painful, complicated projects to you. They all seem to have their moments of despair but inevitably, you pull them out of the fire.”
Mark Collier - Windstream

“We were very satisfied. CCI did an excellent job with the install and the instruction.”
Mason Hughes, Central Office Technician - Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

“…Over the past year the Nsight/CCI relationship has grown stronger than I had ever anticipated and the impact is more significant than ever imagined. As you were aware, I was a bit hesitant and cautious with moving our SmartNet and ordering over to CCI. The team you assembled not only got a handle on the SmartNet contracts but have assembled a system that we required that not only meets my team’s needs, but the needs of our accounting team. Your team has simplified the process and I can easily (and accurately) budget my OpEx expenses for the transport equipment, as well as, easily forecast what will be needed. And on top of all this, your team works all orders to make sure we get our 90-day warranty prior to implementing SmartNet – this process has been flawless and has required very little attention from my team. And then for ordering – again I was hesitant because the need for the team to know on the spot when items were shipping due to tight FOC dates for both the wireless and wireline systems. First off, the time your team saves for the order entry is massive – I used to enter all Cisco orders in. This has saved me hours and hours of time. The reporting system that your team has assembled far exceeds what we had when we ordered direct. The weekly reports not only provide line by line shipping, but tracking #’s – this not only gives us the information we need, but places it in a single location that is easily accessible. On top of that, your team is always available to provide support (Kat, Jackie, Trevor, Andy, etc). I wanted to thank you for assembling a team that continually exceeds my expectations. We appreciate what you put in place and we look forward to continually building on the foundation you have implanted. Thanks again...”
Rick Brooks, Sr. Network Transmission Engineer Manager - Nsight

“Thanks! Always appreciate working with you and the rest of the CCI team. You guys definitely smooth out the cisco shipping bumps I get used to dealing with.”
Nick Colton - ALLO Communications

“Professional service, listened to our needs, very timely and friendly as well. ”
Mike Cheatwood - CP-Tel

“CCI works on multiple projects in the Comcast Chicago market and always impresses. I routinely have great interaction with Mark Rice, Dan Olsen, Stacy Niskanen and Renee Taff. ”
Chris Drnaso - Comcast

“SpeedConnect recently built a new 4G broadband network in Michigan, and the demand for installations quickly outpaced our existing work force. After an initial conversation describing our opportunity, CCI immediately mobilized an installation workforce to help us with the additional installations. CCI is a company that delivers on the promise of “doing what they say they’ll do.” We couldn’t be happier and look forward to a long business relationship with the CCI team.”
Bruce Moore, Vice President and General Manager - SpeedConnect

“Reliable partner and provider of Cisco Enterprise equipment”
Bob Fredette - FairPoint Communications

“The technical expertise of engineers and technicians was very high. In particular, Kent Schroeder was critical to the success of this project. The quality of work was high and CCI identified, and sometimes resolved, issues that arose during the project.”
Mike Cornelius - TDS Telecommunications Corporation

“CCI has a very hands-on approach. John McBride and Don Lundquist keep close contact and are always offering to assist with any Cisco related questions and/or concerns. ”
Tim Smith - Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC)

“On behalf of WCTG and 702 Communications, I would like to extend our thanks regarding the construction and turn up of our most recent project. CCI and your team should be commended for an outstanding job. They took total control of all aspects of this project from the beginning to the end. The team that you put together to handle this project showed the utmost in professionalism. In the future, it will be our pleasure to do business with CCI.”
Mike Day, Operations Manager - 702 Communications

“Thanks to Kevin Hallingquest, Joe Middleton and Michael J. Mattas all of CCI for stepping up to the plate to insure this operation was a success. There breadth of knowledge was superior to many vendors whom have worked for Windstream installations. Thank you Michael Hagley-IE for your perseverance and assistance given the setbacks encountered. A special thanks to Mr. Dustin Green for taking what amounted to instructions on the back of napkin and converting it to successful event. Given the circumstances and what was required to complete this mission, Green’s efforts should be recognized and applauded. Many thanks folks, this was a great effort!”
Brian Meano - Windstream

“This state-of-the-art equipment gives us the skill sets that will prepare students for the telecommunications industry. We have been teaching transport and networking services here for years, but we never had the ability to deliver it in such high volume in our lab environment. This equipment from CCI Systems allows the students to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to hands-on lab activities.”
Michael Benjamin, Telecommunications instructor - Mitchell Technical Institute

“I personally, thank your organization for the support provided on this most “cursed” project.”
Mark Collier - Windstream

“I thank Baby Jesus every day for the SDN/CCI relationship so I no longer have to spend half my day trying to guess which form fields I forgot to fill in so I could submit my order.”
James Esser, Network Engineer - SDN Communications

“Thanks for all of the hard work and a job well done. You were very knowledgeable, flexible, thorough and great to work with throughout the project. The CCI team in general was solid, but I wanted to send you a special thanks for going above and beyond.”
Sean Wynkoop - ITSolutions Net Inc.

“I would like to point out how helpful Terry was to me and Plant TiftNet earlier this year. She worked very diligently to help me get my CMTS smartnet contract properly updated. Approximately one month after she got it completed, we had a linecard in our CMTS fail. Since the contract was properly updated, I was able to get the help from Cisco which I needed without issue. Without her efforts, I and my customers would have had an extended outage. I would like to compliment her and point out how valuable a resource that she is.”
Walt Wyndroski, RN IT Manager - Plant TiftNet

“Congratulations to the whole team at CCI on the PPI deal. Lots of good visibility. Trevor was simply amazing on the design.”
Tom Parkes, Account Manager - Cisco

“Everyone at CCI, including our onsite engineer Ben Bartsch, was very professional and willing to do whatever was necessary to get the overall project completed in the most efficient and operationally safe way. Ben, as well as others at CCI with whom he works, are all very knowledgeable and experienced at their work, which makes working with them not only exciting, but also a good learning opportunity. I would certainly recommend CCI to any company with network woes to deal with!”
Dave Mathis - Chariton Valley Telephone

“Thanks for all of the hard work and a job well done. You were very knowledgeable, flexible, thorough and great to work with throughout the project. The CCI team in general was solid, but I wanted to to send you a special thanks for going above and beyond.”
Sean Wynkoop, Commericial IT Division - ITSolutions Net, Inc.

“Andy did an excellent job performing the network changes that Sebastian had requested assistance from CCI to implement. He was professional, easy to work with, went above and beyond in helping to stabilize and secure our network. The network is performing great. We look forward to working with Andy and CCI on future projects.”
Donald Kountz, Senior Project Engineer - Sebastian Corporation

“Dan Olson's Lode Data knowledge was a great resource throughout the integration process. His expertise helped Shentel identify, understand and resolve issues quickly. He was always very responsive and thorough in his answers. His efforts helped make our project a success. Jim Ketcham's effort on our project was exceptional. He was routinely working outside normal working hours with Shentel and Mapcom to identify integration issues and other errors. He was very patient and professional throughout the project. He was always pleasant to work with and willing to do whatever he could to help move the project towards completion. His dedication to this project was a key factor in meeting our aggressive schedule.”
Jeff Manning, Manager, Network Engineering - Shentel

“CCI understands the needs of our guests, the needs of our properties and the needs of the management company. It has truly been a win-win relationship.”
Steve Dettman, 
Information Technology Director - Raymond Management Company

“Attention to detail, knowledge of product and willingness to work within our parameters. In the time that I have dealt with CCI, they have always been very easy to work with.”
Aaron Boyce - Vast Broadband

“CCI is very innovative when it comes to solutions within an HFC network. Their engineers did a great job on our project. ”
Robert Clark - Riviera Utilities

“Nick Malone in the warehouse is always polite goes out of his way to see that my needs are met. I appreciate his by the book ethics and his explanation of all processes and procedures. This is the way I work myself. The customer service that Nick has continued to provide for me has made me feel as though I am not just another customers but your most valued customer.”
Jeremy Short - Northside TV Corp