Supporting 100G connectivity

BEK Communications had exhausted capacity on its DWDM network—and knew it was time to better position the cooperative to respond to growing demand, changing regulation and increasing competition.

The North Dakota-based service provider turned to CCI Systems and Cisco to upgrade its 2.5G network to include a combination of 10G and 100G services throughout its territory, with strategic access points for future expansion.

CCI analyzed network assets and worked with BEK and Cisco to design an architecture featuring the state’s first use of Cisco Carrier Packet Transport (CPT) technology. This innovative platform combines the reliability of a transport network with the efficiencies of packet technology. Throughout installation, the team responded quickly to overcome challenges such as fiber with unusually high dispersion characteristics.

The result: BEK has streamlined migration to next-generation IP-based services and assured its users will have continuing access to reliable cellular services as well as Internet-based services like HDTV and cloud computing.

“This is what carriers across the country should be doing to manage the exponential growth of the Internet and Ethernet transport services required to support cellular networks,” says Derrick Bulawa, BEK CEO and general manager. “CCI brought us high-level Cisco expertise, knowledge of the fiber itself, and outstanding installation. I haven’t come across another company with similar resources.”

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