Revving Up Wi-Fi in Sturgis

Revving Up Wi-Fi in Sturgis

sturgis-logoA local South Dakota Telco, serving residential and business customers for over 60 years, was faced with declining revenue and subscriber counts – CCI built a Wi-Fi network in time for the Sturgis 75th Anniversary.

Challenge: Like many service providers today, this particular telco is facing declining revenue from residential and business customers. In general, consumers are opting for services that offer mobility over traditional land-line phone and Cable TV. To address this shift in preferences, they needed to find a creative solution that could replace declining revenue and cater to the demand for mobile technology

Solution: Reliable mobile Internet access is no longer seen as a luxury. It’s an expectation. Service Provider Wi-Fi (SP Wi-Fi), a CCI Systems solution designed specifically for operators in the telco and cable industries, was chosen to help add new revenue generating services to their portfolio while bringing mobility to Sturgis, South  Dakota—home of the Annual Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™. By taking on this project, this particular service provider won the land grab for Sturgis, an area outside of their normal service area— and set themselves up for future revenue opportunities.

During the month of August, this world renowned attraction brings in over one million people annually to experience first-class entertainment along with motorcycle exhibitions, organized rides, and campground and lodging accommodations. With Sturgis’s remote location, mobile carrier phone and Internet access is scarce. SP Wi-Fi will provide millions of event-goers access to a seamless roaming public Wi-Fi network for years to come.

CCI and our service provider partner had a four month window to get Wi-Fi service deployed before the 75th Annual Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ commenced. Building a network that could handle thousands of reliable mobile device connections was a challenge that CCI was eager to take on.

CCI’s expertise in design and engineering, construction management, and fulfillment services was key in successfully building a public Wi-Fi network. From the project starting point, CCI’s willingness to go above and beyond to get the project off the ground was apparent.

Moving the project forward hinged upon CCI securing: land easements, permitting, right of ways, service agreements, and site readiness which included fiber, poles and power. This work is typically not handled by a network integrator.

Throughout the design and equipment selection process, CCI worked closely with valued partner and leading technology company, Cisco. A fiber distribution network that used Cisco access points, switches and controllers was designed and installed to provide coverage across four large venues including the Buffalo Chip campground and outdoor Theatre, which hosts tens of thousands of people during topbilled concerts and events.

CCI worked closely with Cisco to procure the required equipment, within the project’s time and budget constraints. CCI’s and Cisco’s partner relationship was key in working out a Cisco Capital Financing option that stayed within their budget and repayment capabilities. Financing made it possible for the service provider to take on the project by providing the capital needed to deploy the solution while deferring payments to a later date.

Result: The 2015 Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attracted over 1.2 million attendees and generated a new stream of revenue for the service provider. The highly publicized and attended Rally helped to build brand equity and promote name recognition by bringing this much needed service to the event.

Not only did building the first SP Wi-Fi network in Sturgis secure the land grab for the service provider, but it also laid the foundation to generate recurring revenue for years to come. And as they add onto the network, they can seize more opportunities to monetize Wi-Fi.

This solution is right for service providers challenged with declining revenue, subscriber counts and competition.