Optimizing bandwidth assets, creating business opportunities and satisfying customers

Antietam Cable provides cable television and high-speed Internet services to residents and businesses in Washington County, MD. They regularly call on CCI for higher-level engineering expertise to make the most of newer technologies.

To prepare for more users demanding more bandwidth, Antietam needed to make more efficient use of upstream Internet provider circuits. They also wanted to add “transit services” to attract valuable, large-enterprise data accounts. CCI leveraged extensive technical and business experience with core Internet routing protocols (BGP) and walked the customer through the following process:

  • Our network engineers analyzed current configurations and utilization on Antietam’s core Internet routers.
  • Our network engineers discussed the findings with Antietam and presented an optimization plan.
  • On site, our team reconfigured the network to optimize and direct traffic to the most desirable links and then validated network operation.
  • We continue to provide design, support, onsite/offsite configuration and training services to Antietam.

The result: Antietam gained the potential to offer customers higher bandwidth services, without having to pay for more upstream Internet links or increase bandwidth on existing links. They’re also better positioned to meet the demands of large national and international customers.

This could be right for you if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to ensure subscribers are satisfied. Learn more about CCI network engineering and integration.