Guiding a co-op from putting out fires to cost-effective planning

ATMC, a telecommunications cooperative serving Brunswick County, North Carolina since 1955, offers not only local telephone service, but also high speed Internet, cable TV, wireless, business communications, and security services.

Their challenge: Manage growth that continually pushed network equipment and design to the edge of its capabilities. Keep up with industry standards; provide business and residential customers up-to-date services; increase network speeds; and do it cost-effectively, all while maintaining their high level of customer service excellence.

In short, ATMC found themselves in an all-too-common position: focusing day-to-day on putting out fires, leaving little time for long-term planning. As longtime partners with ATMC, CCI suggested it was time for a deep dive into network architecture.

The solution began with one of CCI’s senior engineers going onsite for an all-encompassing, consultative assessment of ATMC’s network, which included

  • 30 Metro Ethernet switches
  • 8 Cisco 7600 routers
  • 2 Cisco ASR9000 routers

CCI studied ATMC’s service deployment and looked for opportunities to make improvements while reducing operating expenses. For example, simplifying the network design would cut customer setup time, in some instances, from three hours to 30 minutes.

CCI then presented ATMC with an assessment that included recommendations for a revised and simplified network design; modifications to make the most of current equipment; cost-saving solutions from providers like Cisco; and opportunities to enhance service while following industry best practices.

ATMC’s Tim Smith, says the multi-year plan gives ATMC a framework to support expansion and the technical needs of our subscribers. “CCI really understood our day to day operational challenges as well as the technical wants of our subs. They discussed our needs, both present and future, and provided a comprehensive and concise plan to make it easier to provision services for our customers,” he said.

The result: ATMC immediately began putting the plan into action, using CCI services for purchasing as well as network engineering and design.

ATMC Manager, Jeff Stutts, says the detailed network architecture review makes it easy to see where change is needed. “CCI did a great job documenting the current state of our network and making recommendations based on what was best for us today and what we’d like to do in the future,” he said.

Although the plan takes a long-range view, ATMC is already seeing benefits—including the confidence that comes with knowledge, plus the cost savings that come with increased efficiency.

This could be right for network operators looking for focused insight that can streamline operations, enhance services and improve your bottom line. Call CCI to schedule your network assessment.