Delivering IPTV without fiber

A large resort complex wanted to deliver next-generation IPTV services to customers but had only coaxial wiring in place.

CCI combined Cisco CMTS products with products from other manufacturers to deploy IPTV over a DOCSIS solution—the first such installation in the country.

Our team configured and tested the solution, installing a transport medium to convey IPTV to customers’ rooms. Faced with a tight timeline, we completed the project on schedule and within budget.

The resort is now benefiting from the lower cost of IPTV set-top boxes and the added features and functionality of IPTV that match its other properties. And customers enjoy a unified video experience that ties into other resort amenities.

This could be right for… cable operators looking to deliver next-generation IPTV, as well as other providers seeking to transform coax cable networks. Learn more about CCI services for video networks.