CCI insight solves microbend issue

American Transmission Company, founded in 2001as the first multi-state, transmission-only utility in the United States, regularly calls on CCI for fiber splicing and emergency restoration services. We’ve also installed DWDM, drawing on our extensive Cisco expertise for racking, stacking and testing.

ATC appreciates our quick response, security awareness and high standards—including the above-and-beyond vigilance that solved a fiber issue before it could have serious consequences.

Our team was following through on OPGW construction, testing fiber splices. When our tests showed microbends in the fiber at certain poles, we did more than report the finding to ATC. We checked out the issue and identified a probable cause, most likely another contractor using a non-ATC approved construction roller.

The result: ATC pursued our suggestion and found we were right. The contractor changed rollers, and the microbend issue discontinued.

This solution is right for… municipal utilities, co-ops and power generation and transmission companies seeking fiber optic benefits—transmitting data at high speeds to protect transmissions; improving voice and data communication; and adding revenue with community Internet services and FTTH expansion. Call CCI Systems today about adding fiber to your footprint.