Three reasons to switch to hosted PBX right now—plus a detailed cost analysis

No replacement parts available. No manufacturer support. When your PBX system hits end-of-life, you’re stuck—and Gartner Group says over 70 percent of PBX systems in U.S. hotels may be at that point already.

Switch to hosted PBX now and save the hassle (as well as saving money). A “hosted” solution means

  • -The main equipment is located at the service provider’s place of business, not inside your property
  • -Users connect to the system via proven Voice Over IP technology
  • -The provider handles all integration, implementation and management, freeing you to focus on guests

CCI Systems, the first provider and inventor of the carrier-grade hosted PBX solution for hospitality providers, lists the top three reasons to make the switch now.

  1. The transition is easy—and future-proof. Professional integration minimizes any disruption. Plus, Patrick Case, managing director of IP services for CCI Systems, says installation costs tend to be 25 to 30 percent lower than for a traditional system. And once the system is installed, you’re set. “The technology is future-proof,” Case says. “All you have to do is increase bandwidth as needed.”
  2. The technology is proven. CCI’s solution lets you offer guests much more than a standard PBX.
    • -99.999% uptime, thanks to redundant carrier service. If one connection goes down, your data simply flows through redundant carrier connections.
    • -911 PSALI services to meet life safety requirements
    • -All voicemails backed up in real time
    • -4GLTE backup for 100% of guest phone and Internet service
  3. Guests get better service. Room phone service comes with cutting-edge features. If guests need assistance, CCI’s U.S.-based customer service team is ready. “You don’t have to worry about equipment, monitoring the calls or providing customer support,” Case says. “We monitor 24/7 for call quality and guarantee voice quality above and beyond the typical range,” Case says.

Hospitality providers say they choose CCI’s solution for its quality and service. “CCI is our vendor of choice,” says Steve Dettmen, director of IT for Raymond Management Company. “They understand that in hospitality, you earn the business with every engagement, every installation, every support call.”

Adds Doug Kinney, director of technology for the North Central Group, “Crystal-clear connections, smaller onsite footprint, excellent customer service—CCI’s hosted solution delivers it all.”

A white paper, The Technical and Field Impact Associated with Hosted Hospitality PBX, is available to read and includes comparative cost analyses.

Don’t get stuck with a dead PBX system. To learn how you can cut costs, simplify management and improve service with hosted hospitality PBX, call CCI’s Brian Waldhart, IP sales manager, at 855-836-8716 or emailbrian.waldhart@ccisystems.com.

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