CCI teams up with the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance to make Dickinson County the best that it can be.

Untitled-1IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich., January 22, 2018 –  Economic development in Dickinson County began in the 1990’s. It was originally founded to establish a voice for the area in Lansing. Around 18 months ago, representatives from the community re-engaged to update the group’s purpose. Now, the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance (Alliance) focuses on attracting talent, developing infrastructure, and attracting new businesses, all while working in a cooperative manner. “We work to make sure that local businesses have the support that they need to grow and thrive,” said Alliance Executive Director, Lois Ellis. “The Alliance provides resources, advocacy, and education to our community to foster growth.”

The Alliance’s new mission is to “join the private and public sector together to drive strategic direction for Dickinson County and create positive change,” which it accomplishes through events like roundtable networking luncheons and professional development seminars.

When the Alliance opened to the public in June of 2017, CCI was immediately on board. “I’d sure like to see the entire community come together, led by our employer base, investing in our future,” said CEO and President, John Jamar.

In working with the Alliance, CCI has a focus on attracting talent to the area and growing the support infrastructure. “Sponsoring economic growth in the area directly aligns with our goals for staffing and acquiring new customers,” said Alliance Board of Directors Member and CCI Employee, Evan Rice. “It also aligns with our goal of sustaining positive interactions with our entire community.”

Before the recent restructure, the Alliance was primarily financed through a shared fund with the Chamber of Commerce and was managed primarily by the local municipalities. However, Alliance members realized that too much time was spent fundraising and that no businesses had a real stake in the cause. This caused the group to shift their fundraising efforts to focus on donations from local industries. Today, 80% of Alliance investors are private industries, leaving the Alliance with guaranteed funding and more time to focus on its mission.

CCI is an annual contributor and will donate $12,000 annually for the next three years, totaling $36,000. “Acting as a corporate sponsor buys us a seat at the table,” said Rice. “Working with the Alliance gives CCI access to research and potential grant funding. It also facilitates cooperation between us and the other organizations in the area.” In addition, Rice serves as the chair of the Alliance’s Marketing and Branding Strategic Task Force.

The Alliance’s next event, a general meet and greet, takes place on February 1st from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the Pine Grove Country Club. All are welcome to attend. “We will be unveiling our new website and logo, and updating the community on our progress,” said Ellis.


About Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance

The inception of the Dickinson Area EDA was driven out of a need to have a voice in Lansing. The county joined together, supported primarily by the public sector to establish a goal to join the private and public sector together to drive strategic direction for Dickinson County and create positive change. Learn more about the Dickinson Area Economic Development Alliance here.