The Relevance of CES

Written by CSE, Drew Kempen who spent the week taking it all in at CES.

cesshowIn order for any business to thrive and grow, it must be able to adapt and plan for changes in the market space. What is changing? When will it change? How will we make that change? What are the options? How much will it cost? Attempting to answer these questions requires a large dose of prognostication. CES is one of the best windows into the future that the service provider industry has. CES is effective because it focuses on the consumer; what they will be using and how they will be using it. This drives the migration of services that are important to consumers, thus driving network changes.

With a tagline of ‘WHOA’, CES 2017 seemed to come up short of anything mind-blowing this year. CES 2017 was essentially 2016 v1.1. We saw primarily the same technologies, slightly more refined. This is an encouraging trend for service providers. For a number of years, there has been much change and uncertainty about which directions both consumers and manufacturers would grow. We are now seeing a more stable and focused technology wave.

Last year, 4K and Virtual Reality (VR) were all the rage. This year, we had a few slight modifications to that. Almost every booth in 2016 had some version of 4k playing video in their booth, regardless of the products they were touting. This year, almost every booth had a VR experience. Also, rather than 4k being highlighted; it was HDR technology that took center stage.  […read the rest of the story on CCI’s blog]