Local Community Organizations Benefit from CCI Cares Project

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich., June 09, 2016 – CCI Systems, an Iron Mountain based communication company, recently participated in what was nicknamed the “CCI Cares” project, where five local non-profit and municipal organizations benefited from the generosity and teamwork of CCI’s Network Solutions Group (NSG).

“We wanted to give back to the communities that have provided us with outstanding talent, contributing to CCI’s growth,” notes Director of Sales Operations and CCI Cares organizer, Kae McGuire. “It’s important to not only have a positive presence in our community but to also let our new employees know, this is who we are. We’re a humble, hardworking organization that isn’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.”

Nancy Pellegrini, the director at Habitat for Humanity Menominee River, was originally contacted by CCI hoping to provide direction with the vision McGuire and team developed. Pellegrini was happy to help connect the dots between CCI and the other local organizations in need of volunteers and quickly helped pull together a plan.

“Habitat for Humanity Menominee River relies on volunteers to help keep our housing products affordable for low-income families. We often work with local businesses that send teams out to volunteer,” notes Pellegrini. “When CCI contacted us with a request for a community service activity for 100 volunteers, that was too many for us to place at one job site but we were able to help coordinate volunteer opportunities with other non-profits and municipalities in the local area. I know the Salvation Army Bread of Life Center in Kingsford was truly grateful for assistance on painting and landscaping at the facility they moved into last year. Many of their volunteers spend time answering phones and helping in the food pantry and there isn’t enough time for working on the building. The City of Kingsford and City of Norway were also excited to have volunteers help with the upkeep of the community parks, and Knight’s Kingdom got a much-needed facelift through the efforts of the volunteers.”

Keeping CCI’s mission to Make Life Better in mind, the team of 92 employees split into six groups and headed to Knights Kingdom in Norway, the U.P Veterans Memorial/ Kiwanis Ski Club in Iron Mountain, and Ford Addition Park, Gazebo Park, The Salvation Army Bread of Life Center, and The Habitat for Humanity Restore in Kingsford. Each team was met by coordinators from each organization and put to work staining, painting, and landscaping the buildings, fences, flower beds, and playgrounds in the community.

“It’s great when we can all get together likes this,” notes John Jamar, CCI CEO, “it’s even better when we can team up with local friends and accomplish something good together.”

CCI’s Network Solutions Group, a division within CCI Systems, hosts an annual meeting for its employees, vendors, and partners to visit the corporate headquarters and spend time training, learning, and collaborating. This year’s annual event brought in CCI employees from throughout the country, including employees from CCI’s partner companies, Arbor Networks and Cisco, to participate in the week-long assembly and community service experience.

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