Packerland Broadband Set to Takeover Lighthouse.Net at the First of the Year

280x210 plbbIRON MOUNTAIN, Mich., December 7, 2017 – CCI Systems, Inc. announced December 1, 2017, the commitment to purchase Lighthouse.net, a communications operator owned by Cloverland Electric Cooperative in the eastern Upper Peninsula counties of Luce, Chippewa, and Mackinac.

Effective January 1, 2018, Lighthouse.net will be acquired by CCI Systems and operate under the CCI owned cable operator, Packerland Broadband. The current 1600 Lighthouse.net customers will continue to receive the same voice, video, and data services presently offered, but Packerland Broadband Vice President, Cory Heigl comments, “We’re eager to welcome the customers and employees of Lighthouse.net to the CCI Systems family. We have the knowledge, tools, and a vision to invest in the future of Lighthouse.net and look forward to helping make the Upper Peninsula even more attractive to businesses and residents by offering high-tech communication services.”

The addition of the Lighthouse.net assets, employees, and customers will allow Packerland Broadband to continue its mission to provide reliable and affordable high-speed connectivity to rural areas. The expected impact of the acquisition will offer a boost in the region’s economic infrastructure, making the eastern Upper Peninsula more attractive to businesses and residents, allow more educational opportunities via online learning, and offer a mechanism for residents to access telemedicine and healthcare services easier.

CCI CEO, John Jamar, commented, “We’re enthused about the acquisition and the opportunity to leverage the talented Packerland leadership team as well as CCI’s expertise to help make life better in rural America.”

Packerland Broadband currently serves over 7000 subscribers in 60 communities throughout rural Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. As they move forward with their vision to bridge the digital divide, enabling rural areas to prosper, Packerland intends to continue purchasing and upgrading systems in underserved communities.