A Global Partnership

August 1, 2017

Making Life Better, Worldwide

There are 7.5 billion people on Earth. Four Billion people do not have access to the Internet.

on Earth. Four Billion people do not have access to the Internet.

The World Food Program reports there are over 82 Million people that do not have access to food, 783 Million people that do not have access to clean water, and 2.5 Billion people do not live in sanitary conditions. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) identifies 23 Million people as refugees, 40.3 Million people as internally displaced, 10 Million people as stateless or people without a country, and 2.8 Million people seek asylum or are in need of sanctuary from persecution.

The commonality among all groups is a need to communicate, find services, locate each other, or enhance their own education. This dictates a necessity to discover ways to communicate across an ever increasing global network of displaced people. It also mandates a methodology to identify and solve the sustainment of connectivity for those who cannot afford it.

At CCI Systems, Inc. our mission is to help make life better through innovative communication solutions – no matter where you are. We’ve been helping service providers empower their communities through technology for over 60 years, giving individuals access to training, education, and entertainment by way of high-tech network communication solutions.

Our culture focuses on giving back, and by teaming up with nonprofit broadband aggregators and Cisco, CCI can provide communication services beyond our traditional footprint.

Getting Creative with NGOs

Through CCI’s partnership with nonprofit bandwidth aggregator, Telecom4Good, nonprofit membership association, InsideNGO, and Cisco, CCI can provide support for the growing communication needs of the humanitarian sector.

The Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) couples the strength of each partner organization to provide no cost connectivity to end users, through the unused bandwidth of NGO’s operating in communities around the globe.

The Bandwidth Aggregation Program, a five-way partnership in the making:

  • Telecom4Good brings the strengths of service provider (SP) carriers connectivity and low cost aggregated access pricing to NGO’s across the globe with savings up to 55% less than most NGO’s can obtain on their own.
  • CCI takes an on-demand approach, offering three levels of network support, dependent on the NGO’s need. Level 1 – call center support; Level 2 – NOC and return to normal repairs; Level 3- configuration and installation support, assist the NGO sector through a Cisco “Meraki-in-a-Box” solution, developed for the SP market. CCI’s three levels of network support offer the IT staff peace of mind, knowing the network is supported 24/7.
  • Cisco offers the power of affordable Meraki cloud based, wireless solutions, allowing simple remote support and maintenance to ensure security all the way through the cloud. Utilizing Cisco’s Meraki solution, NGOs are provided a simpler way to invest and manage their network’s infrastructure and data storage needs. Through Cisco, Meraki products are affordable and accompanied by online training and support by educated professionals.
  • InsideNGO maintains a partnership with over 325 of the world’s largest NGOs cooperatively working together to share ideas and find solutions to the needs of global humanity A cohesive partnership acts as a catalyst for information dissemination and ensures programs like the BAP are understood, endorsed, and promoted among members.
  • The NGO’s themselves act as global hubs for citizens in over 180 countries worldwide to congregate and access free, unused bandwidth not utilized by NGOs. The program allows NGOs to affordably purchase additional outside equipment to extend local coverage areas, enabling more access to bandwidth and ensuring the NGO primary access to their Network. The result improves uptime for the free access portion and day-to-day business operations through CCI’s Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 support programs, coupled with Telecom4Good’s sale of the Cisco Meraki solution.

Global Innovation

CCI’s partnership with Telecom4Good, Cisco, InsideNGO, and the NGO humanitarian sector as a whole, extends high-tech solutions and services worldwide and provokes thought on how technology can improve communities in need, globally. This powerful partnership takes the combined product and service portfolio and creates an opportunity to connect those in need with the communication services required to offer hope that sustains the very essence of life.