Data Center

Do more with less using new data center technologies

Turn the heart of your IT into a platform for expanded offerings, improved subscriber service and more cost-effective operations—with innovative data center solutions from CCI Systems. We specialize in helping service providers take advantage of modern technology to ease business pressures and capture opportunities for growth.

  • Virtualize dated legacy workloads and appliances to cut operating costs
  • Go from IT as a cost center to IT as a service, increasing agility and supporting new revenue opportunities
  • Deal with the data deluge while using less hardware, less energy and less staff time

Grow in stages. CCI helps you determine the solution right for your market, infrastructure and facility. We draw on a wide array of industry partners and solutions, from a “data center in a box” to the scalable Cisco/NetApp FlexPod. Our expert engineers guide you through assessment, design, deployment and support—freeing you to focus on business growth.