Wi-Fi networks

Let Wi-Fi users send data and video with reliability and speed

Wi-Fi networks are the backbone of access to your in-building or campus broadband network and to wireless hot spots. Draw on CCI’s long history of engineering and deploying complex networks to meet increasing demand for video and file transfer applications.

Whether you’re a service provider or business, CCI can help you maximize capacity and performance with the latest technology for Wi-Fi networks. We use tools from Air Magnet, Anritsu and JSDU and support manufacturers such as Cisco.

Start-to-finish Wi-Fi network solutions

CCI can procure, stage, design, deploy, configure and maintain your network. Learn more about our full range of solutions:

802.11 N (+)

  • Uses MIMO technology to provide multiple data streams, increasing network capacity
  • Upgrade or new deployment can triple network speed and capacity
  • Start with a comprehensive analysis of your current RF environment

Enterprise and hot spot rollouts (+)

  • Active and passive plans available, with comprehensive coordination, rigorous project management and one contact for status and tracking
  • Deployment expertise includes muti-city, hotels, office buildings, campuses, outdoor, and complex RF and mounting environments
  • Support for multiple manufacturers
  • Staging, delivery, training and on-air commissioning